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About us

We specialize in creating custom gowns, designed with and by our clients. We assist our clients in designing gowns that are unique and ideal to each of their individual visions. Our goal is to make each person who wears one of our dresses look and feel amazing by giving them the opportunity to have a dress that is everything they had imagined. From alluring glamour to understated elegance, we can make your dream dress a reality. 

About our dresses

Each of our dresses is individually handcrafted. Our dresses are made with the same high-quality materials found on designer gowns.  All of our dresses are constructed with multiple layers including a soft lining, double interfacing, boning strips and bust cups. This construction ensures that the dress has excellent structure and stays comfortably in place on the customer's body. All bead work is done by hand using Swarovski crystals and Matsuno glass beads in intricate designs. 

How the ordering process works for custom dresses

Once you have decided on the details of your dress and have your measurements, we only require a 50% deposit to begin production. Once your dress is complete, we send you pictures of your completed gown. If you are happy with the dress, send us the remaining 50% balance and we will have your dress shipped out! If there is anything you would like changed about the dress then you can let us know, we will make the appropriate changes and send you pictures again to confirm before you pay the balance. We have this process because we are committed to being certain that every customer feels that their dress is perfect in every way!

Production time

 It normally takes 11 to 14 weeks to complete a dress, however, it can take up to 17 weeks depending upon the size and amount of work in the dress. We will provide all of our customers with an estimated time of completion based upon their specific dress. Please note: ​if you request changes to the dress, once it's completed this will take additional time, possibly up to a month, depending on the type of changes​. Each time changes are requested; this could require up to an additional 4 weeks. Production time begins when the down payment, measurements and all details of the order have been received and finalized. 


 All of our dresses are shipped with insurance covering the entire cost of the dress, which is included in the shipping charge. Please allow 10 days for a quality control check of the dress and shipping time. Please note dresses are shipped folded and in a thick plastic protective bag. There is no shipping method that will prevent wrinkling of the dress. 

Stocking fees

There, will be a stocking fee of $25 two weeks postproduction. This means, we give our customers 2 weeks to pay off the balance of their dress. After this time period, we charge a $25.00 per week fee for stocking the finished dress.


 While we make all dresses according to the measurements we receive, it's not always possible to make the dress fit perfectly based on measurements alone, without having the customer present to build the dress around. Therefore, alterations may be necessary. We cannot be responsible for the cost of alterations. When buying a dress from a regular retail store, alterations will be needed, and the cost may be included in the price, or you may be charged extra. Our dresses are priced to leave customers with a budget for alterations if they are needed. 

Changes and fees

 If a customer requests changes to make the dress more like the originally agreed upon design these changes are made free of charge. If the customer would like to make changes to the design originally requested design, we would be happy to make those changes for an additional fee determined by the specific changes requested. 


Refunds: We offer a full refund if the dress is received on or after the actual wear date. In the event that the dress is received on or after the wear date due to the customer not ordering with enough time to accommodate our production and shipping time or because of changes requested by the customer that extend the production time of the dress past the wear date, a refund may be declined.  A wedding date should be proven by your marriage certificate. We also offer refunds if the measurements of the dress are 2 inches or more less than the measurements provided. All refunds will be issued once the dress has been returned.