Design Your Own Wedding Dress | Boho Wedding Dresses – Dresses By Linda and Agnes


Fabric quality

A perfect dress starts with luxurious fabric. We use only high-quality fabrics with high thread counts sourced from the same factories as luxury bridal designers' gowns. Fabric quality impacts not only the softness but also how the dress lays and drapes. Low quality fabrics wrinkle, bunch, pucker and hang. High quality fabrics elegantly drape and lay effortlessly in place.

How your dress gets started - Pattern making

A proper pattern must be made for the size and measurements to fit the silhouette and details of each gown. All the darts and seams must be in the right places for that specific size and dress silhouette.

Structure- It's all about the base! Sorry, I had to!

A well-structured dress will stay in place when worn and lay smoothly and perfectly on the body. Our dresses are structured with boning channels aligned along the seams of the bodice to avoid gathering and bunching. Bust cups are added to provide contour and support. Interfacing prevents puckering and adds texture to the outer layer of fabric.

Zipper quality (more important than you might think!)

The YKK zippers used on our dresses are the best quality zippers that glide smoothly and don't have to be tugged on. Lower quality zippers could get stuck or break on the big day.

All that glitters! Beading and crystals!

The beading on our gowns is all hand sewn. If beads are sewn on by machine and a thread comes loose, around 100 beads on that thread will fall off. This cannot occur when beading is sewn on by hand. All of our beaded dresses have real crystal beads not just cheap sequins.

The bottom line
We use horsehair trim at the hem of our dresses when the design allows, which helps to keep the bottom of the dress laying in place properly and draping beautifully.