Custom – Dresses By Linda and Agnes


Choose a dress from our catalog, request a replica or create a custom design.

The 3 C's of custom design

Collaborate. Create. Celebrate. 

- Share inspiration picture 
- Describe the different aspects of your ideal dress
- Partner with us to combine your favorite features into your dream dress
- Receive expert design support throughout the process
- Finalize your dress design
- Send us your measurements
- Make deposit payment (only 50% of total price)




                                                          -Hand select all fabrics and materials for                                                                    your dress
    -Review the pattern for your dress and offer          feedback  
     -See pictures of your dress being made and         offer more feedback
     -Receive pictures of your completed dress
     -Request any revisions to your dress that                                                                   might be necessary
                                                          - Receive more pictures after revisions, if                                                                    revisions were needed
                                                          - We make revisions free of charge until your                                                               dress is perfect 




   -Receive finalized pictures of your dream dress
   -Only when you see your vision  come to life, pay       the balance
   -Receive one of the most anticipated packages         of a lifetime!       

     Your wedding dress has arrived!